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A bloke from Perth has seriously misunderstood the meaning of a bottomless brunch this weekend, but has chosen to forge ahead without asking any questions.

This comes as no surprise seeing he and his mates are known to drop their dacks to Daddy Cool’s ‘Eagle Rock’, which is yet another strange Australian tradition with contested origins (some say the queenslanders started it, others argue it was from Canberra).

However, though dancing around with your parents around your ankles is a bit odd, it’s somewhat accepted at a nightclub, depending on how up to date with AustralReid history the bouncer is.

Unfortunately for Reid Crowley, a ritzy bar on the waterfront was not the sort of place that would be okay if a state of undress – which is where he found himself one Sunday afternoon, having failed to properly understand what a ‘bottomless brunch’ was.

Explaining the faux pas to The Advocate, Reid says it was a simple mistake to make and blames his upbringing in the country for not knowing that bottomless referred to endless mimosas.

“Yeah, thought it was a bit strange when I got out of my car”, says Reid, “I couldn’t see anyone pantless as I walked in, but I figured it might have been a private party or something.”

As the first to arrive, Reid had made himself at home on one of the booths when a panicked waitress had run over and asked him what the fuck he was doing – prompting Reid to message the group chat and ask if he’d been stitched up.

More to come.


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