A Betoota Heights local has today exhibited some pretty questionable morals by vehemently defending his shifty mate, it’s reported.

James Gretchen [25] is alleged to have been questioned by his girlfriend Bree in a heated spat, as she was pretty over his mate Jackson being slimy to her friends at every given chance.

This fight occurred just shortly after a house party, which saw Jackson not only attempting to hook up with every single female in a ten-metre radius but also saying some choice things to Bree herself – including how good she looked in her halter top.

As she’d implored why the fuck James was even friends with the guy, Bree found herself questioning if James was a shitty bloke himself, considering who he surrounded himself with.

“Yeah, I know, he can get a bit loose on the piss but he’s honestly a good guy”, explains James, nodding sympathetically, “I know you haven’t seen that side of him, but I’ve known him since we were kids and he’s just awkward around girls.”

Mumbling something about being ‘young and stupid’ and ‘unproven allegations’, James continues to dig himself a hole by going a little too hard on the defence.

“You just don’t know him like I do. Once I was almost homeless and he let me sleep on his couch.”

“I owe my entire livelihood to him.”

“I could be dead, Bree.”

“Look, I’ll have a word with him, okay?”


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