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A Betoota Ponds woman who has suddenly re-emerged on social media as Christian is alleged to have done some really fucked up shit ,if her past party antic antics are anything to go by, it’s reported.

Having not been active on her Facebook since 2019, it was a shock to many when Tamara Hack [26] suddenly started posting some pretty hectic Bible posts.

Chatting to some people who used to know her, The Advocate learns that Tamara was pretty wild back in the day, and that this new version comes as a surprise to many.

“Yeah it’s odd, I smoked my first bong with Tamara”, says former classmate, Michelle, “it’s just a complete 180.”

“I mean, it does appear that she’s living a healthier lifestyle, at least physically I suppose.”

“I do wonder what the turning point was though?”

Other people from Tamara’s past offered similar anecdotes, which has now led them all to the conclusion she must have done something super fucked to turn to religion all of a sudden.

“Well normally, I feel like hardcore partiers either continue their hedonistic ways well into their thirties, or just settle down naturally”, says Drew, who used to get on the gear with Tamara in their late teens, “or they go super extreme.”

“Get into the spiritual shit. Either a Yogi or a born again Christian.” 

“Which would be absolutely fine if they weren’t so obnoxious about it.”

Drew has since unfriended Tamara from Facebook after copping several anti abortion posts in a row, but Michelle says she still enjoys having a good snoop.

“I really want to know what she did.”

More to come.


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