A local woman has confirmed to The Advocate today that she’s already had enough of the working year.

Gold Coast Woman Margot Robbie told our humble regional newspaper that she’s currently dreaming of polishing off a magnum of Rosè with the girls at the Burleigh Pav.

“Farkkkkkkkk,” laughed the international superstar after another tiring press junket with some commercial media network.

“Put a fork in me,”

“Cause I’m done talking about this new fucking movie.”

Born in Dalby and raised on the Goldie, Margot says it’s been great to be home, but she’s had enough of the interviews and promos for her new movie Babylon.

Featuring the likes of Brad Pitt, the movie is set in a ‘re-imagined’ 1920s Hollywood where Margot plays a larger than life actress.

While Margot says it was delightful to work on, she’s kind of over talking about the same thing 10 times a day, and is ready to let the hair down.

“I’ve booked a table for 20 on the Terrace at the Pav for Friday arvo,” she laughed.

“Couple of magnums of Rosè and then a few espresso martinis.”

“Then maybe we head up the beach, who knows.”

“It’s good to be home.”


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