Graham Mitchell (61), has been a loyal Foxtel customer since 1998 and despite his children’s pleas that there is a far better, more efficient system out there, he is deciding to stick to his guns on this one.  

“It’s just all just a bit confusing, it really just seems unnecessary and honestly, a bit of a con. Why fix something that isn’t really affectinb me? It’s what I’m used to and I think my opinion should be respected”.

Graham’s eldest son, Oliver (29), has tried everything to make his dad see the light.

“I haven’t had to watch TV ads in years. How is he ok with this? There is clearly a better alternative out there. It’s like he refuses out of spite or something, as if me telling him to get it is the reason he won’t”.

“I tell him that streaming will be cheaper and he can watch whatever he wants when he wants, but he doesn’t care and will plan his night around when things are aired… and he’s happy paying out the arse to do it”

Although he has not once looked at what Binge or Netflix even is, Graham, like many other ‘Quiet Australians’ doesn’t see a problem with the current set up, and says ads and overpriced fees are just a part of life.

“I’ve got nothing against trying new things, I just don’t see how Net-Hits or whatever you bloody call it is going to make things any better. I really think people need to stop trying to reinvent the wheel. My life is fine!”

Although Graham complains about ads every time he sees them, he believes that, although the current system has its flaws, he doesn’t trust anything that he is unfamiliar with.

Shockingly, The Betoota Advocate can also confirm Graham will proudly be voting No in the upcoming referendum.

“It’s all a bit much for me.” he says, as he works tirelessly to distract himself from failing systems that don’t exist if he doesn’t think about them.

“I don’t trust it. I don’t know anything about it. I don’t wanna know anything about it”


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