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A local man with no history of magical ability has done a Harry Houdini this afternoon after a horse he tipped to everyone he knows came last in the Cup.

It’s believed Damien Hartnell had been spruiking a tip he received from a friend of a friend who works in the stable of the horse’s trainer.

The horse, Tim Sydney, was paying $36 for the win and anyone who can read a form guide would know that the horse’s form probably wasn’t there.

However, it was the guarantee from Damien that made sane people go against their better judgement and back the horse.

“It was the fairytale that got me,” said one remorseful punter.

“I had $100 on the nose; $3600 I could have won”

“I’d already started spending it.”

When asked why he trusted Damien so blindly, the punter revealed that Damo [sic] often has massive wins on the punt, so he assumed this would be another one of those times.

“Every other weekend you hear about him winning thousands”

“But I suppose you never hear about the losses, do ya?”

The Advocate has attempted to contact Damien for comment however he is yet to come out of hiding.

More to come.


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