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A local friendship group’s Ros of the group has been left in the seen zone in their chat today after suggesting they take their annual boys’ trip on a cruise ship in 2021.

“Oi, come on, it’d be so cheap, and cruises are grouse haha” Tim Greensbury sent in a desperate follow up message.

“You’re on holidays the minute you set foot on the boat; kick back, waiters bring you beers all day and you never have to walk further than 200m” he shot off again, really showing the boys why he was so successful in his sales career.

“Come on, let’s just do it for a laugh”

For Tim, who regularly wears boat shoes – which is potentially why he is so desperate to go on a boat – suggesting a cruise was a joke, a way for he and his mates to pump up their tyres and feel superior to cruise ship regulars.

A representative from Flight Centre told The Advocate that 40% of their yearly bookings are actually made for cruise ships, not flights as their name would suggest.

“That’s actually how a lot of people become Cruisers, they do it as a bit of a joke but then realise how fantastic they are,” said Gerry, a sales representative from Flight Centre in the French Quarter Mall.

“If Tim wants me to book him and his friends on Princess of the Sea in October 2021, you tell him to ask for Gerry and I’ll sort him out.”

More to come.     


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