An awkward social interaction is quickly running out of steam this evening, after two ex-classmates struggle to find something in common to talk about.

Standing in the front bar of the Betoota Leagues Club, it’s understood former Betoota boy Jarrod Walters is labouring through a chat with Nathan Straun, a former classmate and a man who he once shared a blow-up mattress with at an 18th birthday party in a grain shed.

“Mate, how have you been n’ stuff, are you still playing footy for the Dolphins?” offered Jarrod.

“Nah mate, I haven’t played since U/16’s hey, I just didn’t want to injure myself aye,” replied a rather vague Nathan.

“Yeah cool…”

After more than eight years living outside of the Betoota municipality, whilst class mates like Nathan stayed for the comforts of a well paid trade and affordable housing, it appears Jarrod’s new city life as a financial analyst leaves him with little material to banter about.

Mentally scrolling through his brain for a skeric of memories to bond over, The Advocate understands Jarrod has decided to lean into the antics of a Year 11 school excursion to drum up some conversation.

“Hey are you still with Kaylah, I remembered you guys got together at the school camp?”

“And yeah your leg, God remember that time you broke your ankle trying to skateboard on a dinner tray down the stairwell?”, asked Jarrod.

“Aha yeah not with Kayla anymore, pretty sure she moved to Rocky and has like 4 kids now, but my legs all good…”

Knocking back a third sip of Betoota Bitter, it’s understood Jarrod has decided to use the cover of a bathroom break, to make a hasty exit back to the table where his family is having dinner.

“Mate I gotta take a piss but good to see ya hey, I’ll catch up with ya soon!”

No more to come.


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