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HIIT classes are filled with gym-goers of all fitness levels and abilities, but as one eager-beaver is showing, it’s also a place for people to attempt to absolve themselves of the sins they accumulated over the weekend.

Joel Freely (31) isn’t usually a Monday morning exerciser, but after a big weekend, he had some demons that he needed to sweat out.

According to other people in the class, it was pretty obvious Joel was trying to make up for something.

“Well, the grunting was a bit of a give-away” said one woman.

“Yeah, and the constant self-talk, I am pretty sure I heard him call himself a ‘piece of shit’ at one point”

The Advocate sat down with a sweaty Joel about 3 hours after the class to see how his Monday and his demons were treating him.

“Uhhhm. I think I’ll have to do another couple of classes if I ever want to feel normal again”

“It doesn’t matter how hard you go in the class, as soon as you stop the demons come back. Maybe I’ll do a marathon, surely they won’t be able to keep up with me for 42km.”

As our reporter left the scene Joel was seen researching the Betoota Marathon, which is in 2 weeks, so good luck mate.

More to come. 


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