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Local staff at a Betoota bottle shop served a mysterious customer today who purchased a couple of mini bottles of vodka and nothing else, meaning he is either buying someone a thoughtless birthday present or restocking a hotel minibar.

Mini bottles of alcohol make up 0.4% of spirit sales in this country, usually purchased by people who want to buy a gift for someone but don’t value them to the point of spending $40. 

But apart from making a quick last minute present for you colleagues’ kids’ 18th, mini bottles of spirits are sometimes also purchased by those who helped themselves to the hotel mini bar before realising the price is reminiscent of an airport bar.

It was for this reason employees at Booze, Grog and Piss in Betoota Ponds couldn’t quite work out if shopper Pete Doolan (44) was on his way to a birthday party for his mates’ wife or if he was quickly trying to replace the minibar bottles he greedily gulped and save himself $12.

“Just on card thanks,” stated Doolan, giving no indication over whether he was a bad friend or on a thrifty holiday.

“And could I get a receipt please?”

Doolan then exited the store, leaving the staff of Booze, Grog and Piss scratching their heads and wondering what type of psycho they had just served.

“Surely he’s not drinking those himself?” stated store manager Beth Howard.

“Corporate policy says I’m all for moderation but come on, no one buys those for themselves unless they accidently bought them in a hotel room.”


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