The reality TV community is in meltdown this week, after apparently learning that the construction industry can be a little crook.

The shocking revelation came during the finale (which means final in reality TV language) of The Block, where some funny business allegedly went on in the sale of a property.

Following a mammoth season full of bigger than ever scandals drama AND excitement, the TV show concluded on Sunday with the famous auctions of the renovated properties.

All fetching over 4 million dollars as a result of the hyper inflated property market facilitated by consecutive governments for decades, one property in particular fetched a particularly high price.

With a reserve of $4,080,000, contestants Omar and Oz managed to nab an eye-watering $5,666,666.66 for the properties.

While many would just assume that fetching a stupid amount more money than you asked for your property was simply the Australian way, the fact none of the other contestants earned a mint caused a fair stir.

Allegations have since emerged that the contestants got a mate of theirs to dummy bid at the auction and drive the price through the roof.

While the show hasn’t addressed new claims that the sole purpose of the program is flawed, many in the reality TV community have been left to contemplate that there might be some corruption within the building and real estate industries.

“Who the hell would have thought,” explained local couple Beth and Ben Watts, who were watching the finale from their leaking, mouldy and structurally flawed unit in one of Betoota’s new housing developments.

“I mean wow, we’re blown away.”

“What’s next, you are going to tell us that real estate agents are shit talkers?”


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