A local pool shark at one of Betoota’s prominent late night dive bars is more than happy to discuss vapes with complete strangers at great length, it has been confirmed.

After encountering the usual “you got nicotine in that thing?” from some punter’s in the smoking area of the Lord Kidman Hotel in inner-Betoota, local IT specialist Glenn Glenmore (38) says yes quite sheepishly, and proceeds to explain where he gets it from.

“You can’t buy it in Australia” he says, in a bad boy-ish tone that begs the strangers to ask where he gets it from.

“I get it from a mate, but you can get it online”

When asked how the fuck his mates makes nicotine e-liquid, Glenn refuses to give it away, implying his mate but be working on the long side of the law.

“He does the other stuff too” he says with a wink, suggesting that his ‘mate’ is the biggest drug dealer in the history of the Channel Country.

Out of sheer boredom, a bunch of nearby regulars continue the conversation, which leads to Glenn giving a shortball into his pitch on why vape’s are way more healthier than cigarettes but the government doesn’t realise.

The conservation veers into possibly one of the most boring discussions of the Australian government’s attitude towards vaping, before it peters out and Glenn puts his head phones back in to listen to a podcast that he also is more than willing to provide information about.


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