A local Betoota woman is being praised this morning, for helping her best mate launch into a glorious hot girl summer.

Gathering for an evening soiree at Betoota’s lakeside Italian restaurant, ‘Snottis’, witnesses say a table of eight local gals have joined forces for a charming night of Aperol spritz cocktails and giggles, in the wake of a devastating breakup of one of their closest friends.

After 6-months dating a deadbeat from Winton, it’s understood local girl Olivia Sanders had put out an emergency signal to her social netball team, asking her friends to join her to gossip and to drink as many bottles of Rosé that can physically be punished in a two-hour sitting.
Armed with a glistening prop, an icy Aperol Spritz radiating bright orange, it’s believed Olivia’s best friend Sharnee Wilton (25) took immediate charge of the dinner’s proceedings by picking up her iPhone 12 and taking a flurry of cute pics of her recently single friend, Olivia.

Taking the time to catch Olivia in a variety of angles and facial expressions, witnesses say Sharnee worked tirelessly to ensure she captured Olivia’s new bangs in the best possible light.

“Just sweep your hair back a little,” suggested Sharnee, coaching Olivia through her spritz inspired photoshoot.

“And tilt your head a little more left…”

“Jess, get in there too!,” demanded Sharnee, strategically directing another friend into frame knowing full well dating app profile shots must always feature more than one subject to generate more interest.

Armed with over 100 different shots of her friend playfully posing with her cocktail of choice, friends at the table applauded Sharnee for her dedication to immediately Airdrop the stash of photos to her friend.

“Hey babe turn on your AirDrop,” Sharnee whispered to Olivia, knowing full well they’d be uploaded onto a dating app within the next nine minutes.

“Oh this one is so cute, should we “accidently” send just one to that table of boys over there, I think that guy’s name is Liam…”
More to come.


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