A local hospitality employee in our French Quarter is today preparing herself for the silly season.

“It’s going to be a big one,” laughed Freda Harvey, an employee at the Bearded Billy Goat in our town’s nightlife district.

With the nation edging closer and closer to at least 70% of the population double jabbed up, local hospo and retail employees are preparing to police the jab passport policy that’s set to be rolled out.

“I’m just getting my uniform set up,” laughed the young underpaid university student, pointing to her vintage SS uniform.

“Not a Holden Racing kit,” she laughed.

“A Schutzstaffel uniform, the one’s that the Nazis used to wear when they rolled out their medical jab policy.”

“Hopefully it makes my job easier when I have to deal with the effects of the government’s poor messaging on this health policy, and kick the anti-vaxxers out of the bar.”

Her comments come as State and Federal leaders get set to restrict the movements and freedoms of people who refuse to go and get a medical treatment that could save their lives and the lives of people around them.

“These things have always been pushed down onto people like us,” explained Freda.

“The check-ins, the mask policies,” she sighed.

“It’s been a fun battle, and now this latest passport front looks set to be the theme of the summer.”

“Wish me luck.”


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