Under fire National’s MP Barnaby Joyce has been forced to call in a favour today after his phone ran out of credit.

The popular tablelands representative had to ask a mate if he could borrow their phone to make ‘a heaps quick call.’

Joyce eventually convinced the friend to lend him their phone so he could call Sco-Mo and try and recharge the old Samsung and stay online, on what has been quite a busy day.

This follows Barnaby’s reported comments that he claimed to be doing it tough on his $211,000 parliamentary salary, when he called for Newstart payments to be raised.

That very unconservative declaration has raised eyebrows, and concerned ScoMo, who reportedly reluctantly, allowed Barnaby to get some more credit after fielding the phone call from a random number.

“Yeah, righto, but don’t go fucking downloading anymore apps or anything. You’ve got unlimited SMS’s, so do that with your time instead of getting bloody ringtones,” ScoMo was heard saying to Joyce this afternoon.

Joyce then promised that he’d use the gigabytes seriously and responsibly, and proceeded to hand the phone back over to his friend.


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