A local 29 year old man has reportedly found himself in a situation where he is nodding along to a deep discussion about literature despite his favourite book still being Guinness World Records 2007.

Damian Carter (29) originally went into the date reminding himself that he wasn’t going to make the mistake he always makes and get himself stuck in a web of lies, but somehow or other he found himself deeply tangled in such a web.

“I couldn’t let her think I’m like all those other guys that haven’t read a book since early high school. Once I realised we were talking about books all I could do was nod along and act like I knew what she was talking about.” Damian confessed.

Damian has been the first to admit that the only book he’s read voluntarily out of school was The Guinness World Records 2007 Book and that was mainly for the cool holographic cover.

“Look, I’m really not much of a reader, if it doesn’t have cool pictures of the world’s smallest man standing next to the world’s tallest man I just don’t see the point in wasting my time with it.” Damian explained.

Damian started to panic when he started hearing phrases such as “I’ve started exploring Russian literature” and “That read changed my entire life”. 

From that moment Damian found himself meticulously juggling between head nods and “yeah, totally” for the next 30 minutes.

Damian says his blind confidence was working well until he was met with,

“Yeah it’s so good to finally meet a guy that likes to read. What’s your desert island book?”

Damian’s quick wit allowed him to pivot the potentially devastating question.

“Wow there’s no way I can actually think of just ONE book, If I’m on a desert island then I’d probably take a survival guide hahaha”

Damian’s skilful dodge of the question comes from years of lying about things he’s good at on dates but the bachelor does admit that the rest of the outing divulged into a mental chess match of him trying to get through an entire conversation about books without mentioning a single book.


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