As she works her way through a pile of dishes that appear to have been lightly doused in water, a humorous Linda Spencer jokes that if she wants something done right, she’ll have to do it herself.

Though this statement may seem innocuous enough, the Betoota Heights local is allegedly no stranger to picking up the slack and is often seen denying herself basic human needs, in fear of not meeting the expectation that a mother should be consistently selfless.

At age 33, it appears that Linda has absorbed some of the common beliefs of the generation before her, which reduces men to bumbling buffoons who aren’t capable of caring for their children, and women as the nagging, self-sacrificing caregivers – both of which are equally detrimental. 

And despite adopting this older way of thinking, it’s simply not feasible to own a home and raise a child on a single salary, resulting in Linda working full time on top of caring for her children – a double duty that is further exacerbated by her partner’s strategic incompetence.

“Oh, I’d love to get out more, but I just can’t leave the hubby home with the kids”, laughs Linda, “last time I did, he put the nappies on backwards HAHAHAHAHAHA.” 

“It’s just easier to do it myself.”

More to come.


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