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A local astrology girl has this week made the natural progression every birth chart analyst takes – she is now a Myers Briggs woman.

As someone who unashamedly bought into astrology despite her cynical nature, Claire Woods could often be seen asking prospective dates what month they were born, and naturally steering clear of any Cancer or Pisces men, as there was a reason why so many serial killers were either one of those signs.

She would also find herself naturally gravitating towards men who were her ‘best matched sign’, though she may have inadvertently tricked herself into believing it, seeing as she looked up people’s birthdays as soon as she met them.

But now that Claire has reached the age of twenty seven and is a white collar professional, being an astrology girl is not as endearing now that she’s edging closer to thirty – which is why she now makes character assumptions using both star signs and Myers Briggs personality types.

And as the rarest personality type herself (INFJ) Claire takes pride in her uniqueness, making sure to bring up the fact that she represents only 1.5% of the population.

So trusting is she of this personality assessment, that Claire makes sure to ask friends and potential partners what there’s is, and forcing them to take the long winded test should they not know the answer – and if they refuse to, she’ll just accuse them of being a typical ‘STJ’ with an earth sign vibe, which is almost always correct.

More to come.


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