As the clock creeps past 12 pm, local bloke Ben Housten tells himself that he can’t start his assignment now and it’ll have to be 12:30 pm instead.

It’s alleged that Ben had awoken at 9 am that day to get his analytical chemistry unit out of the way so he could enjoy his day but is now having trouble finding the enthusiasm needed to deep dive into molecular formulas.

In fact, so unable is he to muster up the attention span, that Ben has even turned to a bit of Playstation and some ‘productive procrastination’ – which is especially impressive, considering he only ever vacuums his floor when he has a lady friend over.

And now that he’s finished doing some productive activities, Ben will have to reward himself with a break as 20 mins of cleaning surely warrants a couple of quick games.

After that, he decides he could maybe just have a quick flick around on Youtube.

Opening up the YouTube search bar, Ben figures looking up DMT videos is relevant to his course outline so it doesn’t count as procrastination either. Resulting in the 1:30 pm being pushed to 2:00 pm.

Now well and truly into the YouTube wormhole as evident by him somehow stumbling onto Indian woodchopping videos, the half-hour increments are slowly pushed until 2 am when a tired and weary Ben concludes it’s time to finally get started. Which really means ‘time to calculate one formula before calling it a night.’

Setting his alarm to 9 am but knowing it’s highly unlikely he’ll wake up, Ben reassures himself that his best work comes at the 11th hour and that the assignment is due 11:59 pm anyway.

More to come.


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