A young Liberal has today received the glowing tick of approval he’s dreamed about all his life.

After a tough upbringing in the leafy suburb of Sydney, the young full-time Commerce/Law student has this morning woken up to the news that all of his hard work has paid off.

Nearly 6 months into a day a week internship at a mate of his dad’s firm, Marclay Bagain discovered the Rhodes Scholarship he applied in his morning cereal.

“I just poured out my cereal and bang, there it was. A ticket to study at Oxford,” he laughed.

“This must be how it feels when Real Estate agents who go to uni get their Property Economics degree.”

Bagain said everything is coming up millhouse now, and he can’t wait to head off to the age-old academic institution to get into it.

“I’m following in the footsteps of Tony Abbott and Angus Taylor,” said the excited head of the Young Liberals at his university.

“Obviously there’s plenty of other Rhodes scholars, but those two are the pinnacle of the award.”

“I’ve never been the smartest guy, but if they can get through and achieve what they have, well anyone can”


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