A local woman has caused a bit of a stir today, by insulting a close personal friend.

Tash Brady from a jumpy little terrace house in our town’s French Quarter did so during a trip out to Lake Betoota.

Heading out for a swim at our town’s popular inland waterhole, Tash apparently decided to just put her filthy unshod trotters right up on the dashboard of her friends car.

Heading down the Diamantina Development Link Road, Brady reportedly thought it was appropriate to just rub the soles of her feet all over the front of her driver’s car.

“Are you fucking right,” laughed her mate passive aggressively, about the blatantly obnoxious passenger seat behaviour.

“I mean, I know I’m driving a 2007 Camry, but fuck, have some basic respect for the motor-vehicle I’m driving you in.”

Brady apparently tried to laugh off the incident as a hangover induced decision, saying she was sorry for dirtying the car that was littered with cheap and treaty packets.

“Yeah, well they are my chip and treaty packets to litter in my car. And those are your filthy feet, that can stay on the ground with my filthy chip packets and that random KFC bag from a couple of weeks ago,” she laughed.

It’s believed young Brady reportedly apologised and sought to smooth over the incident by asking her mate what song requests she had for the Bluetooth.

More to come.


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