In worrying news, millennials are under fire again today for ruining yet another industry.

According to some bloke at The Daily Mail, the telemarketing industry has taken a huge hit in the last decade, with many young people choosing to ignore calls from an unknown number.

This comes shortly after it was announced that millennials were single-handedly responsible for wiping out everything from napkins and mayonnaise, to the use of doorbells.

“Back in my day you’d answer the phone and subject the innocent person to a torrent of abuse,” says a disgruntled boomer.

“But now young people aren’t answering at all.”

“Goes to show how entitled and inconsiderate that lot are.”

A local telemarketing agency, Tellstar, has reported a staggering decline in answered calls, which has resulted in thousands of people losing their jobs.

Rather than placing blame on a parasitic industry that often preys on people, Tellstar has instead pleaded to today’s youth to show some empathy and answer the phone.

“I really don’t understand why people won’t let us waste their time,” says a spokesperson for Tellstar.

“They’re on their phones all day anyway.”

“You can spend $10 a month on Stan but you don’t want funeral insurance? That’s bullshit.”

The Advocate reached out to some young people to see why this was happening.

“I’d literally rather slam my fingers into a door than talk on the phone,” says Liz, a third-year uni student.

“I don’t see why people can’t just email me.”

“You ever heard yourself on a loudspeaker? I sound like a prepubescent goat.”

Liam, a twenty-something retail assistant, also echoes this statement.

“I keep bleeding out of my ears. Briefly considering calling the doctor but yeah, nah thanks.”


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