A jittery local boyfriend has spent the entirety of the last two hours on the edge of his seat.

Not because of the content within the movie he signed up to go and see with his girlfriend, but because of the phone burning a hole in his pocket.

Despite turning his phone off, and checking it was off on four separate occasions before the movie CRAWL even got rolling, young Ainsley Sampson couldn’t wash the fear from his brain.

Speaking to us after walking out of the movie theatre in Betoota Heights, Sampson said he’s just let out a sigh of relief.

“Fuck me. That was a couple of anxious hours. All the Gators coming out of nowhere and ripping shit to pieces paired with lingering fear in the back of my mind that my phone might somehow turn on and ring even though it’s on silent 24/7 had me twitching,” he laughed.

“I should just leave the fucken thing (the phone) at home next time. It makes me as anxious as an existential Sunday night toss and turn after a big weekend of doing questionable things.”

This comes after a report was released by the CSIRO, Australia’s most respected scientific body by everyone except the treasury, confirmed that 77% of movie attendees live in fear of their phone going off for some reason.

“To be fair,” said young Sampson.

“I was once abused by a large man with tattoos when I was younger for my phone going off during a very important scene in a movie, so I have a reason to be scared.”

“Anyway it’s over now. Movie was great. Large Popcorn was great. Choc Top was great as always. Until next time,” he said walking off into the night.

The movie in question the young man saw was Crawl and is in Cinemas July 11.


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