Georgia Ainsley finally found the right time to strike at the office spread a short time ago.

The #FuckTheCup and #NupToTheCup activist has been particular active on her social media over the last few days, alerting all of her like minded friends that she is anti so many things that today stands for.

However, despite being stridently opposed to the concept of horse racing and gambling, Ainsley doesn’t mind a nice little bight to eat and a cold glass of champagne.

Which has left her in an uncomfortable position today, with all of her colleagues enjoying the excuse to have a couple drinks, some pleasant canapés and time off work thanks to the race that stops the nation.

Ainsley explained that she had to be very disciplined and patient, knowing that the right time to raid the spread would come.

“I mean I’ve made a point of telling everyone that the Melbourne Cup is actually fucked, so I can’t be seen to be enjoying some of the benefits that come from today,” Ainsley said.

Ainsley explained that she is saying ‘Nup to The Cup,’ but yes to a free spread and time off work.

“So I had just been waiting until everyone was a little bit tipsy and distracted by a race jumping.”

“Then I swooped in and grabbed a plate with Steve, who is also from the French Quarter and has been similar active in swaying public perception, and we stacked up some goodies and pinched some champas (sic).”

“I don’t think anyone saw us,” she laughed.

“If an activist crumbles in real life and social media doesn’t document it, did it really happen?”

More to come.





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