WAIT FOR THE DROP: Pleads Molly, Betoota’s amateur DJ and underground banger enthusiast as she locked eyes with her friends, hoping to see a glimmer of approval for the unheard-of track she’s just unleashed upon them. 

Wearing her wealth of banger knowledge as a badge of honour, Molly enjoys nothing more then to strike up a conversation about the unknown artists. She seems to get pleasure out of slipping her passion for discovering unconventional remixes into every conversation she has.  

“I practically need a my own USB at this point,” she continued, prompting nervous laughter from her friends who dared not suggest a change of tune. 

Her friends awkwardly bob along in agreement, as if they cared that she was “listening to Fred Again before he was mainstream”. 

Sources within the close circle reveal that Molly’s AUX cord crusade is no isolated incident. They recall to Betoota Advocate that at last week’s inner-city gathering, she commanded the music selection after a few too many double strength seltzers, leading to a collective cringe as she attempted to navigate her playlist in search of her ‘ultimate’ Spotify party playlist.

As the dust settled on Molly’s long awaited drop, one friend made the bold request for some “Taylor Swift, Anti-Hero next?”. Betoota can confirm they are no longer friends. 


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