A local chippy has today shown a blatant disregard for the law while asserting himself as the alpha of all motorists currently waiting for the lights in the Betoota Ponds junction.

32-year-old Tom Tripp says he wasn’t that sure if his most recent load of plasterboard was 100% tied down, while making a run back from Mitre 10.

Without a care in the world, Trippy jammed his luxury work vehicle into neutral and climbed out during the red, without so much as even throwing on the handbrake.

With the car ever so slightly idling back a few inches towards the nervous Nissan Cube driver station directly behind him in the lights, the ultimate tradie refuses to make eye contact with any of the other drivers.

With Triple M blaring from his stock radio speakers, fellow drivers say the nostalgic pub rock ballads of Australian Crawl almost served as a soundtrack to this brave feat of tied down adjustment.

A empty protein shake container sitting in the drink holder also suggests that the tradesmen also takes his health as seriously as his road safety.

While his use of gloves were brought in to question, Tom’s masculinity was able to remain in tact after it was revealed that he was only wearing them because of blisters he sustained while lifting heavy at a nearby 24-hour gym at 3:45am this morning.


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