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The Australian Financial Review has come under fire for publishing an article about millennial homeownership, and yet again failing to add in some crucial information. 

Having copped flak in the past for publishing multiple articles about millennials who insist it’s possible to achieve the Australian dream of owning a home if you sacrifice enough, and purposely leaving the fact that they either got a down payment from the bank of mum and dad, or lived at home rent free to scrimp together a deposit, AFR has now well and truly outdone themselves – by publishing a boastful thoughtpiece from a bloke who can be confirmed is in a poly relationship. 

Published yesterday afternoon, the article titled ‘Finding A House Is Like Finding A Unicorn’, it’s alleged the journalist who penned the thought piece was unaware that not only was his subject in a three person income household, but they all had high paying jobs in tech too.

The Advocate speaks to the interviewee, Benny Bryant, who says he and his partners have had zero issue with paying off their mortgage.

“Oh it’s been so easy, not a problem”, gloats Benny, “between the three of us, we’re pulling in roughly $320,000 a year after tax.”

“If you can learn to put jealousy aside, polyamory is actually the perfect solution to the housing crisis.”

“Highly recommend it.”

More to come.


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