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Sitting on your yoga ball at your desk, do you ever glance at your peers with envy and wonder if their pay packet is bigger than yours?

Do you doubt whether you’ve got the average savings amount in your Super for your age cohort?

I know I do. 

Sadly, many Australians suffer poor self-confidence from fixating on the negative aspects of how their income, bank accounts and asset portfolios compare to others.

And with the advent of social media, it’s only gotten worse. 

Now, we doom scroll through hundreds of rich folks living their best lives daily. Seeing them sip champagne on yachts in the sunset of the Mediterranean Sea with glistening tans and pearly white teeth that can only be that pearly from having shit loads of money.

And if it’s not rich folks on yachts, it’s handsome Jacks laughing contentedly as a glorious adult Tiger bounds across an open field and jumps them for a big beautiful hug that hints of a connection forged through long-term friendship. 

How did handsome Jack build such a close friendship with a Tiger? Money is the answer, of course.

They all look so self-confident, so much…better than! Why aren’t I like that? 

And here is the crux of the issue. In today’s narcissistic age of comparison, the only way we can grow our self-confidence is by showing others we are better than them because we have an unnecessary amount of money.

Money is no longer just a medium of exchange to allow us to obtain life’s essentials, it now doubles as the only tool we have that allows us to feel better than others. Well, there is one other tool, one which even lets us feel a moral superiority over others which is far nicer, but to attain that lofty perch you need to have been doing yoga for like years and years so let’s just focus on what cash can do for now.

Use money as a tool to make you feel better than others by flaunting the fuck out of it. Even if you don’t have any savings, just bung all purchases on a credit card and go mad. Then watch as your self-confidence grows. 

So buy the yacht, buy the fake tan and white teeth, build a relationship with a fully grown Tiger and reap the warm interspecies embraces you so thoroughly deserve in this life. Be Better Than.


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