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An advertising manager from Boost Agency has shown his true colours this afternoon, by making it pretty obvious that he’d never had a conversation with a real human before.

Anthony Whitmore [32] is alleged to have been the brains behind multiple daytime television ads, which he thoroughly believed would result in thousands of new customers for his client. Often involving a couple of friends chatting or a man and woman deep in conversation, these ads can be easily recognised by their jilted dialogue, terrible acting and disingenuous conversations. All of which, Anthony reckons, sounds perfectly normal.

Watching Anthony’s latest ad that’s set to be aired, our reporter Effie is left feeling a little bit perplexed.

“Why hi there Marie, I haven’t seen you in a while, how is Steve?” asks a blonde haired woman/robot as her neighbour Debra walks into her house without even knocking on the door.

“I’m well Lisa, but Steve’s been out of work lately. He’s feeling a little under the weather”, responds the neighbour, not blinking.

“Oh what a shame, is he insured?” asks Lisa, which sounds an awful lot like she’s thinking of Debra’s husband’s demise.

“You know what, I don’t believe he is! Do you have any recommendations?”

“Funny you should ask actually! I’ve just signed John up to Myer’s life insurance. You can get cover up to $1.5 million and no medical is required.”

“WOW that sounds terrific Marie, thank you for thinking of my kids’ future.”

Turning to the camera, Lisa says “in fact, we should ALL think of our kids’ future. Protect your family from the unexpected by calling Myer’s life insurance today on 02 9519 6756.”

“That’s 02 9519 6756.”

More to come.


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