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One of Betoota’s top advertising agencies, TBJUQS/Smith, has successfully tricked its employees into thinking they’re not being overworked and underpaid by having a sparkling water tap installed alongside their regular cold and hot filtered water tap.

Having been installed last night, the hysteria in the office today can apparently rival that caused by the visit of Princess Diana back before the turn of the century.

After hearing about the installation back at The Advocate, our reporter reached out the agency’s managing director to discuss the clever sleight of hand carried out last night.

“It’s worked far better than we expected” said June Ross, TBJUQS/Smith MD.

“There’s a young team here who have been working until 11pm every night this week”

“This morning when they heard about the fancy [sic] tap, their slavish work week was all but forgotten”

“We haven’t seen a buzz in the agency like this since we bought a ping pong table!”

It’s not yet known how long the sparkling wave will roll, but the agency plans on capitalising on their employees’ high spirits while they can, as Ms. Ross explained.

“We’ve actually doubled everyone’s work load without them knowing”

“Hopefully the novelty of sparkling water on tap lasts long enough for everyone to meet these unrealistic deadlines haha [sic].”

More to come.


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