Local woman Samantha Jade had been mindlessly scrolling through her Facebook when she came across some worrying photos.

The album titled ‘Best job in the world’ had been uploaded by Betoota High’s most notorious bully and rumoured psychopath, Jessica Gibson.

Armed with a bag full of syringes, and clad in medical garments, these posts heavily suggest that the girl once known for pushing small children into agapanthus bushes is now a qualified nurse.

“I’m bloody shocked,” says Samantha, now trawling Jessica’s LinkedIn for confirmation,

“She’s the last person I’d imagine in a position of care.”

It was reported that Jessica had previously tried her hand at psychology in a bid to ‘understand herself more’ before moving into the field of nursing.

Now in her first year of residency, Jessica is tasked with looking after some of the most vulnerable people – all while operating under four hours of sleep.

The Advocate managed to track her down at the local Chatime, where she was recuperating from a split shift.

“You know what, people change, okay?” says Jessica, stabbing her straw multiple times into her bubble tea, “I’m a very compassionate person and I’m great at what I do.”

It is unknown whether Jess manages a fleet of similar-minded nurses, or is a lone operator.

What is known, however, is that Jess plans on specialising in geriatric care.

“I was pretty close with my grandparents so I can see myself working with the elderly,” says Jess, “they’re just so cute and fragile.”

Samantha, who was previously Jess’s favourite victim when it came to daily bouts of torment, is still in two minds about her findings. “Maybe she’s changed,” says Samantha doubtfully, “I’m still surprised though, honestly thought she’d become a cop.”


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