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According to every person she meets in their early twenties, local woman Leana Fuller [30] looks good for her age!

Which she finds an odd thing to hear, seeing as thirty is not old at all. But after copping yet another ‘you look so young’, followed by a ‘I hope I look good at your age’, Leana has been left feeling both pissed off and freaked out – because apparently, she should be looking like a desiccated coconut by now.

It’s alleged she’d been hanging out with some friends in their mid twenties, when she’d struck up a conversation with a plucky 22 year old who just ‘could not believe she’s thirty.’

“I hope I age as well as you”, the girl had said, which had instantly kicked in Leana’s fight or flight response, “your skin is so nice.”

Chatting to The Advocate, Leana says no wonder women have such a fear of turning thirty, as everyone seems to think she should be hemorrhaging collagen by now.

“Nothing makes you feel older than someone saying you look good for your age”, says Leana, “or that you don’t’ look your age.”

“What’s wrong with looking my age?”

“Do they think we start melting?”

Letting out a huff, Leana says that though people in their early twenties are fun, being made to feel like she’s ready for a pension doesn’t exactly instil her with much joy.

“Yeah nup, don’t need to be made aware of my mortality thanks.”

“Little fresh faced fuckers.”

More to come.


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