A man who became the Prime Minister of Australia after knifing his previous leader behind close doors, has warned Australians that voting for anyone but him would be a risk, because his name has better brand recognition.

With two weeks left to go on the Federal Election campaign, the Australian media has joined their preferred candidate Scott Morrison in making one last pitch for re-election, which is effectively reminding voters that they don’t know as much about the Opposition leader.

It is now abundantly clear that the Murdochs, Channel Nine’s chairman Peter Costello and Channel Seven’s Kerry Stokes are increasingly nervous about the implications of the Morrison Government being replaced by a political party that might not be 100% committed to doing nothing about corruption.

As Scotty continues to swerve the Federal ICAC, aged care crisis and housing affordability – Australia’s newspapers have ordered all of their journalists to try and catch out Anthony Albanese with gotchya questions that can be relayed on every TV news update right up until election day.

This, paired with the Prime Minister’s ‘better the devil you know’ election slogan – makes for a noisy and unbalanced news cycle, committed to avoiding any critical analysis of the last three years under the Morrison Government.

However, it seems that writing off any threat to the current government by simply saying ‘you can’t trust someone you don’t know’ – might be underestimating the memories of the Australian people – most of whom had never heard the words ‘Scott Morrison’ before the 2018 Liberal leadership spill, when Scotty became Prime Minister after knifing Malcolm Turnbull in complete secrecy.

In fact, even after his Aussie bloke rebrand during the 2019 election, no one truly knew much about Scott Morrison until he decided it was perfectly acceptable to take his family to Hawaii for a two week holiday in the middle of record-breaking bushfires, before lying about it, and then admitting to it, then flying back to force disaster victims to shake his hand while entire towns called him a fuckwit.

This was then followed by ‘It’s not a race’ and ‘in some countries, female protestors are met with bullets’ and multiple leaked text messages from his closest colleagues referring to him as a lying psycho.

However, all of this does give the current Prime Minister much better name recognition than the mysterious Anthony Albanese, who was Kevin Rudd’s deputy Prime Minister.


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