With thousands of non-voting-age activists preparing to walk out of their classrooms to demand action on climate change tomorrow, both of the major parties are beginning to worry that they might be on the wrong side of history with this whole keep burning-coal-until-the-world-ends thing.

Hundreds of school students are preparing to fill arcades and city squares protesting against what they see as the destruction of their future – with at least 50 rallies are planned across the country.

The strikes have drawn criticism from the lower-order leader of the Coalition Government.

The Nightwatchman has called for “more learning” and “less activism” in schools — but also support, including from some principals.

“Can the principals of these leftist public schools full of kids who are concerned about the world overheating and dying please step in here” said Morrison.

“Kids should be focusing on their learning”

“And swimming. Because if this climate change shit is real, and the predictions are correct, we’ll all need to know how to swim in the years to come [haha]”

“Better learn how to defend your base camp from scavengers as well. Do they teach crossbow in these non-Pentecostal safe-schools schools?”

Leader of the Opposition and the next Prime Bradbury, Bill Shorten has also given comment.

He says as the former National Secretary of the Australian Workers’ Union – he understands how cool strikes can be – but says he can’t agree with the idea of striking against coal, as it is something he definitely plans on keeping relevant when he eventually takes over from Morrison.

“You should only strike over wage stagnation and one ply toilet paper in the portaloos at work” said the Prime Bradbury, before breaking into his old ways as a Union organiser.

“You should protest over too much rain, not a lack of it”

“Two drops of rain on the tally-ho and we are going home boys!”

“Wet steel, no deal!”


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