Scott Morrison is reportedly in damage control today as he prepares for his first ever leadership spill, not even an entire week after was re-elected as the 30th Prime Minister of Australia,

A growing number of conservative MPs within the Liberal Party’s far-far-right faction have reportedly urged Peter Dutton to seize the leadership from Scott Morrison amid growing unhappiness with the new Prime Minister’s policies regarding immigrants having access to public transport.

According to The Daily Telegraph, the incumbent Home Affairs Minister has been urged to challenge Mr Morrison using lower immigration levels and DNA testing for Indigenous people as his platform.

“There are only two good outcomes here — either the non-whites are banned from using public transports and we can go to the 2022 election fighting Labor on it, or Morrison goes,” an unnamed MP said.

But cabinet ministers have dismissed the reports

Speaking on Today this morning, recently resigned Defence Minister Christopher Pyne rejected the rumours as a case of colleagues “trying to put the band back together from the late 2000 and naughties” — a reference to former prime minister and the now extremely unemployed Tony Abbott and his supporters.

“The yet-to-be-named Cabinet is 100 per cent united behind Morrison and in the party room on Tuesday only four people said that they reserved their right not to vote for the WOG (Whites Only Buses Guarantee). There’s a lot of hyperventilating going on.”

However, Murdoch reporters are suggesting that, despite the very public denials of another Lib Spill happening, it would be pretty cool if one did happen.

“Rupert is already sick of Scott” said one Herald Sun opinion columnist who dresses up as a journalist.

“And Peter Dutton is the man to replace him. Providing he gets his numbers right this time”

“It was very embarrassing in August when he flew his kids down to Canberra for his victory speech and ended up losing the vote to a complete third-party”


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