Logically, it should only have taken a few hours for Aisha Schwartz to complete her 800 word critical analysis on ‘Pride and Prejudice.’

But after watching the entire BBC season in class, which admittedly, she’d quite liked, Aisha just can’t bring herself to think of a critical viewpoint to start her essay. Or read the novel, given that SparkNotes is a thing. And though she decrees that it’s her sense of feminist injustice stopping her from diving deep into the essay -,given that the local boy’s school got to do Lord of the Flies, – Aisha just really can’t be assed coming up with a topic.

It really shouldn’t have been that hard to decide on a theme, as her teacher Ms Bedford had painstakingly paused the DVD every ten minutes to discuss the rich subtext between every character. But honestly, Aisha would much rather rewatch the scene where Mr Darcy strips off in the lake than choose between focusing on the economic necessity for women to marry or the author’s satirical take on class warfare.

Telling herself she’ll start the assignment as soon as the clock hits 12:00, Aisha continues to push it back in fifteen minute intervals until it reaches 3:00 pm.

However, that nagging feeling of guilt means that unless Aisha wants to rest easy tonight, she’ll have to do something productive.

Typing her name at the top of a word document, Aisha gives herself a mental pat on the back before rewarding herself with a four hour nap.

More to come.


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