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In an age of online activism, support and solidarity have become essential pieces of the ally-toolkit and the mature version of giving yourself a pat on the back. 

Noted ally and visibly straight male Harrison Forte (38) is committed to making all people feel safe in his presence and treating everyone as equals.

It is for this reason he decided to specifically bring up reality TV show RuPaul’s Drag Race in front of his only gay colleague. 

“While I’m happy for Miss Shea Couleé, this new Canadian season is really the moment” stated Forte, finally cornering his gay colleague Drew (25) after fielding an unrelated work inquiry.

“These Canadian girls really know how to serve right? I was not ready.” 

“My missus watches it, that’s how I know so much”

First airing in 2009, RuPaul’s Drag Race is a drag themed reality show featuring drag queens competing in fashion and performance challenges for the title of The Next Drag Superstar.

Thrillist called the program “the closest gay culture gets to a sports league” and according to Forte it helped him “fall in love with drag hey?” a point he refused to let go unknown around one of the few gay people he sees semi-regularly.

“I follow Vivacious on Instagram, that’s how dedicated I am! ‘Mother has arrived!’ Iconic.”

Unfortunately for young Martel, he and his obligatory workplace ally were two of the few employees in their socially distant office, meaning Martel soon became subject to Forte’s incessant and often off-point ramblings about RuPaul’s Drag Race.

“Jinkx Monsoon would be the first to go on an all-winners season, sorry not sorry! Just give Violet the crown now I reckon, crown and sceptre now, prance my queen!”

“Oh my God, you know what we should do? Once this pandemic is over, you and me, watch party! Yaaaaasssss!”

When asked about his colleagues’ support for American queer culture, Martel stated he “hardly watches Drag Race” and that hearing Fortes’ thoughts on the show is “worse than discrimination.” 

“He can have a watch party, I just won’t fucking be there.”

“And FFS, Alaska is taking home the all-winners season and that’s even if they do one! GROW UP!” 



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