In a bid to help keep young drivers off their phones whilst driving, the Federal Government has today announced plans to outfit all speed and red light cameras with Instagram filters.

Project Orange Duck, which is expected to cost taxpayers $174m, will begin in February of 2020 with a completion date of June 2024.


Assistant Minister for Road Safety Scott Buchholz said the youth-oriented plan would definitely reduce the nation’s annual road toll.

“It’s all about reinforcing the message to these young drivers that you can still have your picture taken without taking your hands off the wheel or distracting yourself with a mobile device.”

“All you need to do is drive too fast or run a red light and we’ll automatically text the picture to you. Then just choose a filter and you’re good to upload to your preferred social media platform.”

“We’re confident that this new initiative will raise heaps of rev.. save heaps of lives”

Social Media Influencer Chrystelle Palomino said she would absolutely take advantage of the new initiative.

“OMG, finally! I have like 172,000 followers so I am sure they will appreciate some decent high-angle shots.”

“Last year I was trying to get a picture of myself driving my new BMW 3-Series so I sped past a speed camera, but the picture took two weeks to arrive and when I got it, it was way too washed out to show my 172,000 followers.”

“You totally couldn’t even see the logo of the Bananarama DeLuxe Weight Loss Smoothie I was trying to promote. Can you believe they only have 45 calories per serve? Anyway, so I tried a different speed camera the next day but when that picture arrived it was super over-exposed so it looked terrible when I applied a filter.”

“I tried another 6 or 7 cameras, but most of those were sooo nasty. I would have tried more but by then my car had been impounded, so I just chose the best one and applied my own filter to show my 172,000 followers.”

“Like, obviously the system totally needs a makeover if your car gets impounded before you can even get a decent shot. To show your 172,000 followers.”


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