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As the government continues to implode over the Prime Minister’s horrible handling of several serious allegations of sex crimes being perpetrated by both staffers and ministers, the loudest critics of the Liberal Party are starting to come from within.

After a weekend of visiting flood ravaged towns that have just finished all the heavy lifting, Morrison needed to finish the weekend shaking hands with footballers, most of whom think that his name is Malcolm.

Scotty From Marketing has copped some severe backlash over the last week after he was forced to defend the government’s handling of Brittany Higgins’ rape allegation and the historic rape allegation against Christian Porter in a bombshell A Current Affair interview. Over the weekend, it was also revealed that another MP from the Morrison Government has been caught out abusing women online and upskirting waitresses with his phone camera.

While Scotty has been pinballing around marketing opportunities with his team professional photographers, Treasurer Josh Frydenberg has had to step up and do the Prime-Ministery stuff.

At both a state level and Federal level, the female dissidents are making more noise – with some openly airing their greivances to press conferences and Twitter.

Some of the Coalition’s female MPs and Senator in Canberra say the last month of government victim-blaming and buck-passing is just the tip of an iceberg that has seen them blackmailed with pre-selection threats and cabinet positions since the day 

However, the Liberal Party has today released a statement suggesting the issues that their female MPs have with the inner workings of the organisation might actually have more to do with their own hormones.

“I mean, you need to ask, is it that time of the month, love?” said Morrison today.

“Their concerns could be very real.”

“But then again, they could just be related to menstruation. It’s can be quite a professional ailment”

“Maybe they’ve all synced up at the same time. I’ve heard that can happen”

“I read it in GQ”


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