A parliamentary inquiry has found that the NSW Liberals knew as early as 2014 that the Rozelle Interchange design would result in kilometres of traffic jams due to a bottle-neck on Sydney’s ANZAC bridge – but ignored all experts in an effort to maximise profits from the sale of WestConnex.

The WestConnex motorway scheme – which includes the psychotic Rozelle ‘spaghetti’ Interchange – has been scrutinised by a long list of former main roads executives and town planners, whose grave concerns fell on deaf ears for over a decade.

Furthermore, the behemoth private toll company ‘Transurban’ has revealed to the same inquiry that the Liberal government was required to “consult” with them if it wanted to make any structural changes to tackle congestion around the interchange.

With so many private interests and zero accountability, it is no surprise that this multibillion dollar project collapsed into motionless traffic jams within days of the ribbon cutting ceremony – leaving Rozelle even more embarrassed than when Paul Kent went arse over head into a paperbark tree.

This binfire of an infrastructural project was the brain child of both the Liberal state and Federal governments, and was constructed over the same decades that saw Canberra rotate 3 different Liberal Prime Ministers, and NSW rotate through 4 different Liberal Premiers.

With very little consistencies throughout the duration of the build, and each leader bringing with them their own list of knee-jerk decisions to overhaul plans at the last minute, the Rozelle Interchange and the wider WestConnex project that funnels into it from Western Sydney, will be remembered as the state’s biggest fuck up since the Cross-City tunnel that paralysed Sydney in the early 2000s.

As the dust settles on this disaster, and NSW voters just get used to a never going near the entire west harbour again, the same political party behind the Rozelle Interchange have decided to put forward a new idea.

Another infrastructural project that only they have the balls to build. Another infrastructural project that the woke snowflakes hate but the private sector who will be getting the building contracts without tender love.

Nuclear Power.

“The critics of a our nuclear power plan are the same naysayers who said we couldn’t build a Rozelle interchange.” said Peter Dutton this morning.

“Well, we showed them that the Rozelle Interchange was very doable. And we’ll show them that Nuclear Power is just as doable, in 30 years, when these reactors are finally ready to go”


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