One of those weird TV personalities that Victorians insist are good value has made a clown of himself again this week, as the animated corpse of Sam Newman continues his decades long campaign against Aboriginal culture.

Despite everyone outside of Victoria assuming this old toff had kicked the bucket, Sam Newman has proven he is still very capable of making headlines – as his manic low-rent sense of humour once agains veers on hate speech.

Speaking on his ‘You Cannot Be Serious’ podcast this week, the apparent AFL identity urged spectators to boo the Indigenous ceremony at the Grand Final at the MCG.

He then doubled down on his comments when invited onto 3AW radio by some talkback hosts who could not resist the dying media urge to platform his comments to the world, instead of leaving them to remain locked in the homemade podcast studio he’s found himself in after being sacked from every other sports broadcaster in the country.

This follows Newman’s storied career of ridiculing and punching down on Indigenous people, from dressing up in full blackface to make fun of Nicky Winmar, to aggressivelydefending the racist slurs that have pushed multiple AFL superstars into retirement.

However, today it can be revealed that Newman mostly asking AFL fans to boo the Welcome To Country because his extensive plastic surgery and botox regime means he can’t do it himself.

On top of his venomous and bitter vendetta against anyone who doesn’t look like a Geelong Grammar Old Boy, Sam Newman’s bizarre and narcissistic obsession with ‘preserving his youth’ with enough medical procedures to rival Dolly Parton is another thing that Victorians don’t really want to acknowledge.

And it seems like he’s finally reach the point where his creepy claymation face is now preventing him from taking part in his favourite bast time of booing Aboriginal people, and has instead asked the droves of blokes with no personality who view him as the height of comedy to do it for him by proxy.

Victorian Premier Dan Andrews and AFL CEO Gillon McLachlan have condemned Newman’s comments, but no one can really stop him, because Newman appears willing to die humiliating himself for headlines in an effort to build a legacy even half as memorable as the 11-Logie sensation Fatty Vautin who was host of the far superior NRL Footy Show that was able to entertain and amuse generations of Australians without feeling to need to make black people feel like the enemy of the state.


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