While caught in the midst of a four week holiday break from work, Georgina Lorigan says she has lost complete track of time.

“I couldn’t tell you if Christmas was yesterday or a week ago – I don’t what day it is,”

“Staff Christmas drinks weren’t too long before my family Christmas, but I’ve had so many different Christmas events… I couldn’t really tell you what is what,”

Ms Lorigan says she is experiencing somewhat of an awkward post-Christmas, pre-New Years Eve limbo – a relaxing, yet confusing week of weight-gain and varying hangovers.

“I just need a crippling New Years Day hangover to bring me back into the real world,”

“It’s really what helps me I identify what day it is. The day after boxing day would have snuck right past me if I didn’t have such a bad hangover from boxing day,”

“All I know is that It isn’t 2023 yet, because I will know about that hangover… I’ll remember that one.”


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