A recent report by the Commercial Hotel barman is that 99% of the whingeing taking place in Dubbo right now is in relation to the fact that just about everyone reckons they washed their cars yesterday morning.

This comes as a huge dust storm swept through Central West New South Wales yesterday arvo, with wind gusts of over 100kph and fucking like 10% visibility.

The storm made its way east over Dubbo to Parkes before moving to the Central Ranges, affecting multiple communities last night

While the coastal areas of Australia have been hammered by the catastrophic climate-change aided bushfire season, the central-west and far west towns of Queensland and NSW have been able to avoid the furious blazes due to the saving grace of the National Party’s love of clearing trees.

However, no one expected that they’d end up suffering at the hands of drought-aided dust storms.

Aside from no one being able to breath that well, the storm has caused great inconvenience to thousands of residents who only just washed their car yesterday morning.

“That’s how it always fucken goes” said one resident Ned Shero (30, labor hire logistics manager).

“I don’t wanna sound like a whinger but I even got a wax finish”

“Fuck this I’m not gonna bother cleaning shit until it rains again”


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