A recent report into the three undercards currently sitting through light drizzle in the beer garden of Betoota’s Lord Kidman Hotel has found that the boys might be on here.

In fact, there is no real ‘might be’ about it.

The boys are on here.

The three yahoos named Clyde, Strath and Kempy – appear to only just be getting started here, but the laughter is growing and their table and they are setting a cracking pace on the schooners.

The report, conducted by a mate of their dads who is currently sitting at the bar inside, has found that the energy these boys are bringing to the pub is only going to result in one of two things.

“Either there’s gonna be a blue, or there is gonna be some sort of injury” said Wal, the closest thing to a father figure currently inside this venue.

With the boys currently egging each other on to see who can climb the highest up the wall off ivy out the back of the pub, Wal reckons we aren’t far off tears.

“The publican is on holidays at the coast so it’s his sister in the law running the show and she’s known Clyde since they were kids.”

“Someone is getting yelled out”

“Oh shit she’s heading out the back now”


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