Everyone except Donald Trump’s staunch supporter base are horrified today, after getting a close look at the man who is supposed to be cognitively equipped to lead the world’s most powerful country in the world until 2028.

While the international media remains committed to pretending that age is not a factor and that old people can run the world forever, Biden’s odds of winning the 2024 US election have drastically blown out throughout the course of today’s nigthmare presidential debate against an only slightly more switched on Donald Trump.

With Biden clocking in at 81 years of age, and Trump at 78, both men are too old to hold a drivers licence without getting annually approved by their doctor. They are also too old to be eligible for basic travel insurance coverage in the vast majority of countries that they will be visiting throughout the next term of government.

However, the American voters and the wider global audience that had the great displeasure of witnessing this circus of senior moments can see it for what it is: Two men that are clearly too old to be in charge of the nuclear codes.

It was Biden, though, that was truly showing the most signs of aging since the last time these two men were on stage together four years ago.

While Trump has somewhat maintained his razor sharp wit and relentless ability to bullshit, Biden is struggling to string a sentence together.

His performance on stage today can only be compared to a professional rugby league player who has just copped a late hit without the ball. In fact, experts would agree that President Biden would not even pass the standard HIA.

In the NRL, clubs are given a free interchange if a player leaves the field for a HIA (Head Injury Assessment) after severe contact with the head. The test includes orientation questions, where club trainers or medical professionals will ask the hurt footballer the following:

  • What venue are we at today?
  • Which half is it now?
  • Who scored last in this match?
  • Who is the Australian Prime Minsiter?
  • Did your team win the last game?

Having already proven on multiple occassions that he can not name the Australian Prime Minister, it seems President Biden would also struggle to name the venue of today’s debate – let alone remembering what the US Federal tax rate is.

It seems that if the American Democrats want to win this election, they might have to do something radical. Like bringing on an interchange who is under the age of 70.


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