As domestic travel fires back up, the aviation sector is back in full flight.

And with that comes the political propaganda of obscure in-flight and lounge entertainment options brainwashing every day Australians with pointless culture war talking points and the unbridled fetishisation of Scott Morrison.

After powering through the Easter teething pains, Aussie airports are once again packed with excited holidayers and interstate business.

And with the decline of budget airlines in the pandemic, travel is now limited to the duopoly of Virgin and Qantas.

Before the virus, Qantas was Australia’s largest premium full-service airline, carrying 22 million passengers in 2019 on approximately 4,300 flights per week in Australia.

While the flying Kangaroo is not yet back to those numbers, they aren’t far off, with 80,000 travellers in the air each week.

That equals 80,000 Australians who have suddenly felt the rapacious need to get their hands on illegal firearm and visit Anthony Albanese’s electoral office in Marrickville with a balaclava shielding their identity from CCTV cameras.

One Betoota-based software sales rep, Terri Amorosi (37) says as a relapsed Presbyterian white-collar mother of two from Betoota’s middle class Flight Path District, she never really took much notice of politics.

“I didn’t know who Anthony Albanese was a fortnight ago.”

“The only thing I knew about politics was that we had a Prime Minister who struggles to implement even the most basic public health roll-outs, or any form of with foreign policy”

“Oh, yeah and the Hawaii holiday. I’ll never forget that”

But Terri’s political views have changed drastically since domestic travel opened back up.

She’s just one of the tens of thousands of Australians that have been radicalised by the plasma screens plastering airport departure gates, travel lounges, and aeroplane cabins with the hyper-partisan Murdoch-owned channel known as Sky News.

“I’m glad I started paying attention” she says.

“We cannot afford an Albanese government”

“I know Morrison is the most incompetent fool that has ever stepped foot in Parliament House”

“And I know he’s caused our nation 1 trillion dollars of debt”

“But I have to say, it’s better the devil you know”

“I shudder to think of what our country would look like if Anthony Albanese becomes Prime Minister and and begins legalising child abuse and heroin”

“He literally has no policies other than to turn our country into a communist caliphate of transgender Muslims who hate the ANZACs”


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