Australia’s favourite native parrot from in the mid-1990s is due for comeback, it has been confirmed.

Bird enthusiasts say that unless you are out there bird watching, there’s no chance you’ll see a rainbow lorikeet anymore, and that they need to come back.

“No one has even so much as seen one of these things on a balcony in the morning, or even dead on the roadside for years” says head of the Australians Half-Hearted Birdwatchers, Shay Deexunt.

“We miss feeding them bread and shit”

While there is a direct correlation between the decline of visible Rainbow Lorikeets and the hype around Australia’s native wildlife dying down post Olympics, it doesn’t seem as though the birds are in any way endangered.

“There just being shy” says CSIRO researcher, Willie Maitua.

“They just worry that people don’t think they’re cool anymore”

However, despite the distressing findings that suggest Rainbow Lorikeets are being self-conscious about their place on TV advertisements and Gold Coast hotel billboards, Maitua remains confident that they’ll be back.

“Think of it like grunge music. This shit is cyclical. They’ll be all over the magazines and internet again soon”



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