Local Betoota Heights woman, Dot Kennedy (62, netball administrator) unashamedly voted for the coalition in the 2019 election because she was sick of the whingeing.

She also didn’t like the idea of changing Prime Ministers for the 6th time in ten years.

On top of that, she felt as someone who has only just gotten on top of her mortgage, Labor were were promising far too many ambitious economic policies – many of which looked like they could hinder her nest egg.

After Scott Morrison’s shock 2019 election win, Dot agreed with everything he said in his acceptance speech – namely that middle class Australians like her were being overlooked in our nation’s politics.

Dot felt the term ‘Quiet Australians’ was an apt title for a swing voter like her that had become disillusioned with the political spin

That was until earlier today, when she decided to vocalise her concerns about how poorly the Federal Government has managed the last couple months of bushfire disasters.

While Scotty From Marketing did yesterday announced a $2B Bushfire Recovery Package, timed perfectly with the brief reprieve offered by rainfall in NSW firegrounds – his controversial Hawaiian holiday and forced handshakes have really instilled a lack of confidence in Dot.

Dot’s environmental and extinction anxieties, which had previously been smothered with the aspirational economics and marketing slogans offered by the coalition government, became too much today.

That is when she officially transitioned into a detached leftie snowflake.

“Jeez, Scomo is pretty ordinary” said Dot, showcasing her newfound status as an out-of-touch elitist with no idea about the real world.

“Think I might’ve backed the wrong horse here”

While Dot’s ‘noisy commentary’ was well received by a couple other girlfriends at bridge who have family members caught up in the devastation down south that has seen over 20 human deaths, 500 million animals perish and over 3000 homes destroyed – she was also quickly sneered at by the more staunch Sky News disciples at her Tuesday morning bridge club.

“I dunno Dot” says Debbie, a friend of a friend.

“The media really seem to have it out for him”

“They are absolutely hounding him. Outside of the Herald Sun, the Daily Telegraph, and The Australian, and the Courier Mail, West Australian and the Sunday Times, and pretty much the 70% of the nation’s media that Rupert Murdoch has been allowed to monopolise – as well as the Macquarie Radio talkback stations and Sky News – the bloke can’t catch a break”


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