The pressure is on the Queensland State Government to formulate a border policy ahead of Christmas, as Australian families separated by the Tweed river remain desperate to see each other.

Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk said she hopes the National Cabinet meeting on Friday will provide a roadmap on reopening that will help Australia’s struggling tourism industry, but has done her best to avoid mentioning the heartbreak currently being experienced by families are still unable to see eachother.

The biggest hurdle to allowing passage across the border is the risk that it might see an end to the “double doughnut days” – a political slogan that has proven quite fruitful for the Queensland Labor Government, as they do their best to keep residents safe by not taking part in the Federation.

As the NSW Government detail a fully-modelled roadmap out of lockdown, which will see nightclubs opening by December 1st, the Queenslanders are starting to worry that their premier still thinks she’s living in 2020.

And it seems the mums of the Sunshine State are growing tired of the bullshit.

The threat of having Christmas ruined by populist border policies is unfortunately not one that local Indooroopilly mum Kirsty Tennesson (52) is willing to cop.

“Make them apply for a pass. They need to have both jabs and test negative. Then let them across” says the empty nester mother of three.

With two of her adult kids based in New South Wales, Kirsty said she missed out on a family Christmas last year because of the Avalon cluster.

Now, with a steady jab roll-out and vax passports, she can’t understand why the QLD government would still be carrying on like they are in the middle of an election.

“Not only do I resent the fact that I now know the names of more than three Queensland state politicians, but I also resent the fact that they are treating this virus like some sort of religious terrorism” she says.

“If they can prove they don’t have it, and are unlikely to catch it. Then let them the fuck in”

“I don’t know how many letters I’ve written to these idiots”

However, if her letters and social media posts fail to bring about the change she wants, Kirsty has another plan.

She’s ordered a Nr.1 Barrett M82 sniper rifle on the dark web, and plans to shoot as many politicians as is needed to get her kids home for Christmas.

“It’s been fun learning all of the firearm etiquette” she says.

“Cleaning the barrel, trigger safety, assembly”

“I’ve founnd a cute little hide out right near Queensland Parliament”

“But let me tell you. If these borders don’t open by December 20. There will be no more etiquette”


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