In Betoota Grove, Year 12 graduate Simone Fletcher (18) told The Advocate that she is very excited that her exams are over, and that she cannot wait to begin the first of her four gap years.

Fletcher states she is delighted to have finally finished her exams and is hoping to be somewhere in South America when the results come out so she can post about that on social media instead.

“I mean, like, I don’t think I’m going to do that badly,” stated Fletcher.

“I’m hoping for Bs and Cs.”

Along with other friends from Betoota Grove Girls College, Fletcher will be attending schoolies in Bali as a reward from her parents for trying her hardest in her general maths, general English, drama and art exams.

“Then after schoolies I’m like going to work for my dad’s firm to save money for my first gap year. Four weeks later I leave for Argentina!”

When asked what she meant about her ‘first gap year’ Fletcher clarified that she planned on making her South American gap year her first of four gap years to help her see the world and ‘get good’ at travelling.

“Some people do like a four-year degree in science, I do a four-year course in the world. South America isn’t like the one I’m looking forward to the most which is why I’m like doing it first. Get it out of the way you know what I mean?”

In response to his daughter’s four-year travelling plans, Gregory Fletcher (51) stated he was glad to know about her ridiculous plans now so he would know to blame it on Simone’s mother and step-mother when the time comes.


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